About Our Company

Fiber Flex Factory
is a leading Manufacturer of all glass reinforced plastics (GRP) to meet the requirement of component such as , Preformed Manhole Liners, Flat Sheet for Pumping Station, Claddings, Sunscreens, Pipe Fittings, Chemical Tanks, Water Tanks, Heavy duty Cover and Frames, Ladders, Rails, Boxes for Water Meter and Fire Hose Real.

Fiber Flex Factory makes every positive contribution to ensure that all products are manufactured in accordance with contract specifications, drawing, statutory regulations of UAE, within the agreed time frame and quality in an effective manner complying with the client’s needs and expectations, ISO 9001:2000 International Standard requirements and to the complete satisfaction of all clients.

The main objectives of the quality management system within Fiber Flex Factory are:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the quality of its projects and services.

  • Develop its employees’ performance and resources.

  • Create and maintain a healthy and safe work-environment with fully harmonious in its all activities.

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